Integrated Technology Systems, Inc.

Implementation Services


When systems are being acquired, ITS serves the owner as their agent and representative in achieving 'right fit', cost effective, and conflict-free delivery of their technology systems.

For new construction (including additions and renovations), ITS serves as a technical resource to the Owner, General Contractor, and/or Construction Manager to identify and resolve "grey areas", conflicts, and oversights in the mechanical, electrical, and specialty divisions such that the project is truly completed. The ITS program is applicable in each of the many contracting methods.

ITS focuses on the owner's goals and issue resolution throughout the project beginning with design document analysis, submittal critique, and ending with system certification. ITS provides assurance that the owner has received the promise of their systems performance.

All parties involved in the project are included as team members in a "win-win-win" relationship. Benefits extend to all involved in the project: owner, architect, consulting engineer, general contractor/construction manager, prime contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.